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 Eszteregnye - Handbook of Zala county (Zala megye kézikönyve) - Hatvan, CEBA-Hungary Ltd, 1998.jpg

Nyilvános Nyilvános

Accessibility: The village of Eszteregnye lies west of Nagykanizsa, 1 km from Road No. 7.
Municipality address:
8882 Eszteregnye, Kossuth u. 3.
Phone: (93) 375-301
Fax: (93) 375-425
Mayor: József Horváth
Population: 776
Characteristics: A lot of finds prove that this place has been inhabited since the New Stone Age. The name Eszteregnye was first mentioned in a written document in 1388. It was completely destroyed by the Turks in 1546, but Lutherans settled here soon after. Eszteregnye had several landlords in the following centuries. 521 people lived here in 1770, and they used to grow mostly cereals. Also grapes have been grown since 1830. In the second half of the last century, there were some mills, and a brickyard, too. A whole street burnt down in 1870. Local weavers were very famous at the turn of the century.
Apartments with
water: 97%
gas: 97%
phone: 50%
Paved roads: 100%
Sewage: 100%
Economy: 5 entrepreneurs work in the village. Most residents commute to Nagykanizsa.
Institutions: There are a primary school, a kindergarten, a hotel, a community center, a library, and a sports field.
Sights: The Roman Catholic Church, built in 1870, and the wonderful vineyard on a hill surrounded by beautiful forests with many animals are lovely sights. At the foot of the hill there is a hot spring, the water of which is rich in iodine, bromine, and minerals.

This text came from the following book:

Title: Handbook of Zala county (Zala megye kézikönyve)
Series: County handbooks of Hungary (Magyarország megyei kézikönyvei)
Chief editor: Hóbor József
Publisher: (Hatvan), CEBA-Hungary Ltd, 1998
ETO: 908.439.121(035) ; 050.8(439.121)
ISBN: 963-9089-18-2
Pages: 488-1040 p.
Remark: Closed on: 1998. márc. 31.