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 Orosztony - Handbook of Zala county (Zala megye kézikönyve) - Hatvan, CEBA-Hungary Ltd, 1998.jpg

Nyilvános Nyilvános

Accessibility: The village of Orosztony lies on a highland 25 km north of Nagykanizsa, on the Nagykanizsa-Pacsa road. It is accessible on an access road built in 1951.
Municipality address:
8744 Orosztony, Szent Imre u. 1.
Phone: (93) 389-201
Mayor: Mr. Károly Vercz
Population: 955
Characteristics: The first hint to Orosztony is a record dating from 1225. The name of the village is most probably of Slavic origin. Since 1960, the population has been declining. Today, the number ot residents is 539. The problem of unemployment arose in 1991. Today, the number of the registered unemployed is 32, most of them unskilled.
The municipality plan to build pavements and a sewage treatment plant. They also want to renovate the old school building and make it into a hotel, and to improve the bus service and the condition of roads. Agriculture has been important.
Apartments with
water: 90%
gas: to be installed
phone: 20%
sewage: in process
paved roads: 100%
A notable sight in the village is the statue of the Holy Trinity.

This text came from the following book:

Title: Handbook of Zala county (Zala megye kézikönyve)
Series: County handbooks of Hungary (Magyarország megyei kézikönyvei)
Chief editor: Hóbor József
Publisher: (Hatvan), CEBA-Hungary Ltd, 1998
ETO: 908.439.121(035) ; 050.8(439.121)
ISBN: 963-9089-18-2
Pages: 488-1040 p.
Remark: Closed on: 1998. márc. 31.